Rocinante Software

Rocinante Software started in 1997 as a pure, low level coding shop where everyone read Scott Meyer and Bjarne Stroustrup books for fun and lived and breathed best coding practices. The meltdown of the programming industry in general in 2002 changed our focus a bit, but not our passion: we now read marketing and search engine books, and apply our technical skills to increase profits for our clients.

We are now specialist in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql & PHP) web shops, specifically using MySQL / MariaDB, PrestaShop and Magento.

Although most of our tech stuff has migrated to internal Google Docs, some interesting tidbits that show what kind of stuff we work on can be found here.

Our team of 5 work about 500 meters from the beach in a small Spanish tourist town called Cambrils. Cambrils is a family-oriented tourist town on the shores of the Mediterranean about 100 km south of Barcelona, with a core of around 30.000 year-round residents, and a lot of Northern European tourists in summer. There are 9 km. of beautiful beaches, a port, both indoor and outdoor public swimming pools, hills nearby for hiking, skiiable mountains only a couple of hours drive away, squash courts, tennis courts, and a very active cultural and social life. The weather is great, and the people are even better.